Imagine Chess Teams Take out The Competition

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Written By: Maxwell Smith
6th Grade
November 28, 2018

On November 27, students from Imagine took out the competition at the TSCAAL Regional Chess Tournament with their Middle School and High School teams coming in first and second place. In addition, our Elementary team came in first place for the fourth year in a row. This was a true K-12 experience.

Chess is a exhilarating and action packed game that involves maneuvering an army of pieces to checkmate the king. I interviewed four students from the Middle School teams to ask them a few questions about their experiences at Regionals. From Team A, I interviewed Sarah Basepogu in 8th Grade; from Team B, Ransom Finley in 6th Grade; from Team C, Joshua Tanuku; and from Team D, Allen Nguyen.

What was your hardest game?

Sarah Basepogu: “In my opinion, my 4th round was the hardest because they were a strong player and I was under time pressure.”

Ransom Finley: “My hardest game was my 4th one because my opponent was able to trade pieces and get a good position.”

Joshua Tanuku: “The hardest game I played was the last game because Tournament Director said ‘This would be, in theory, the hardest game that we played.’”

Allen Nguyen: “My 4th game was my hardest because they were really strong but they were really young, which caught me off guard.”

If you could replay any game, which one would you replay?

Sarah: “I would replay my 1st game because I blundered a lot.”

Ransom: “I would replay my 3rd round because I could help my opponent improve.”

Joshua: “I would probably replay the 3rd round because my opponent realized he was in check for two moves which led to a lot of confusion, so if I replayed it, I would of cleared up a lot have confusion.”

Allen: “I would replay the fourth game because it was the only one I lost.”

What was the hardest thing you’ve done that got you to regionals?

Sarah: “The hardest thing I’ve done to get to regionals was to practice tactics and games.”

Ransom: “The hardest thing I’ve done was to play against harder opponents, realize my mistakes, then make improvements on those mistakes.”

Joshua: “The drive to regionals was the toughest thing I had to do to get to regionals.”

Allen: “The hardest thing I had to do was to concentrate on my games.”

We don’t have a interview on our Elementary Team, but they did great and we congratulate them for placing first for the fourth year in a row. We want to wish all of these teams good luck as they head onto the TSCAAL State Chess Tournament.

Good luck Imagine!

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