Teen Stress is on the Rise

Written By: Hannah Rashid
8th Grade
November 30, 2018

According to the American Psychological Association, teens experience higher stress during the school year. It was reported that 86% of teens think that school is a source of stress, which has an impact on healthy behaviours such as sleeping well and exercising. In addition, stress affects teens’ emotions making them feel overwhelmed or depressed.

Many of us MYP students can agree that most of the stress comes from school including homework, problems at school, etc. Keemya Razmgir, an 8th grade student at IIANT, said that she felt that stress at school comes from the overload of homework and feels that it is tough to manage. Keemya said, “ I recommend to take breaks or do something that you enjoy like playing the piano, to take your mind off the source that is causing your stress. I also talk to someone I trust such as my close friends about how I feel.”

Victoria Beauvoir-Reategui, a 9th grade student at IIANT, said that she felt stressed at school because of finding time to do homework, getting good grades, and managing her GPA. Victoria said “ I recommend to take breaks and calm yourself down by taking deep breaths, when you are stressed out. I also recommend to manage your time to prevent from getting stressed.” Stress has negatively impacted most of us in many ways and it is very common for teens to experience. It is hard to manage your stress, but by using various techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and playing the piano, you can cope with stress.

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