My Dragonship Buddy


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Written By: Amy Ternida
6th Grade
December 9, 2018

Imagine’s B8 P.E. and Athletics class has a new activity called Dragonship Buddy. As the class was having trouble with respecting peers and teachers during the Walk and Talk, this has been created as a solution to prevent further incidents. This new activity will help people make new friends and will help them so they’ll never be alone. People are paired from different grades and are challenged to go outside their comfort zone to get to know their buddy or buddies better. During the Walk and Talk after changing out, students are required to socialize with their buddies. Earlier this year, students even created a handshake with their buddies to be used every time they meet. On the board in the front of the MPR, there is usually a topic or two that students can talk about if they can’t think of anything.

So far, I have learned a lot more about my Dragonship Buddy. We are still adjusting to the activity because it’s hard to talk to someone you’re not as comfortable with. But I know with hard work, we can begin to appreciate the simplicity of this activity. I appreciate all the effort that my partner has put in. I am able to talk about topics that we both find interesting and find another person’s perspective on the same topic interesting. For example, though talking about our hobbies and the things we enjoy doing outside of school, my partner and I have discovered that we share some similarities including our love of Filipino food.

I always look forward to the Walk and Talk now knowing that I’ll always have a friend in B8. I cannot wait to see what else this new activity will bring, and what new topics we will discuss in the future.


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