Reactions to the Auto Shop Construction

Written By: Sydney Brown and Tiffany Ngari
9th Grade
December 7, 2018

IIANT- A recent poll revealed that 80% of Imagine faculty and staff dislike the construction of the auto shop on the land in front of the school.

Construction of Service First Automotive started over the summer of 2018, and since then there have been numerous comments on campus about interference with carpool and flextime.

“It makes the school look unprofessional and trashy”, “balls go over the fence”, and “the noise is annoying” are only a few remarks from the Imagine students. Some stated how the construction made them cough due to the increase of dust flying around. Other students and staff mentioned that their dropoff and pickup routines have slowed down because of construction vehicles. Students even mentioned losing objects on the other side of the fence or stepping on debris during flex time and gym periods.

Service First Automotive was scheduled to open in October 2018, but they’ve fallen behind in construction and will do so at a later date. Service First has locations throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth area. It will offer a plethora of automobile services, including oil changes, brakes, inspections, battery, engine, and more.