Imagine Beats the Competition Once Again

Written By: Maxwell Smith
Photography By: Maxwell Smith
6th Grade

December 18, 2018

At the 2018 TSCAAL State Chess Tournament, Imagine once again beat the competition. Our Middle School Team C, consisting of Maxwell Smith, Veedha Krishna, Likith Yalam, and Joshua Eu won first place in their section. Our Middle School Team D, consisting of Andrew Thompson, Paarth Shah, Allen Nguyen, and Amogh Barath, won second place in their section.

In addition, Andrew Thompson, Joshua Eu, and Allen Nguyen all won the Tertiary Championship award with 4 points. Veedha Krishna, a seventh grader, was awarded the secondary championship award with 4.5 points, and Likith Yalam, a fifth grader, received the primary championship award with 5 points.

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In our High School sections,Team B,  consisting of Maurya Gouni, Zach Plyler, Nick Young, and Sarah Basepogu, won first place. Team A with Andrew Fernandes, Armaan Sood, Ransom Finley, and Vayden Prajapati won third place. In addition, Vayden Prajapati was awarded the Tertiary championship award with 4 points. Lastly, for the first time ever, Maurya Gouni, Sarah Basepogu, and Nick Young all scored a staggering 5 points and won the Primary Championship award.

Congratulations to these teams for conquering the state and regional competitions. We wish them luck for their competitions in February!

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