Family Day

Written By: Paula Romero
6th Grade
Photography By: Sahithi Alla and Triveni Khatri
9th Grade
December 21, 2018

Family Day is a time where we come together and participate in fun bonding activities to grow more united as a school and to enjoy a small break from the usual classwork.

As an IB school, one of our goals is to have a family-like culture and get to know someone from each grade. Family Day allows us to do just that. We have this special day four times a year; each day’s topics are based on the events happening on campus. For example, the first Family Day talks about homecoming, then holiday traditions, our love for our school, and finally, Remembrance.

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Family Day welcomes new students and provides a group of people to connect and share with. These groups are picked randomly so there is a higher chance of meeting new people and leaving your comfort zone. This also allows older students to care for the younger ones and include them in activities, helping their transitions to different grades be more pleasant. Each student also stays with the same group throughout their years at Imagine.

Overall, Family Day is a day that is unique to our school; it reflects on our caring and inclusive culture.

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