6th Graders Entertain on a Night to Remember

Written By: Anna Leininger

8th Grade

January 10, 2019

Since October 16, the 6th grade students have been working on amazing shows and works of art in their electives. On Tuesday, December 18th, they got a chance to show off to fellow students as well as parents. Here’s a look at how the night went.

The night started at six o’clock with the Visual Arts students, who presented the projects they had worked on for months. The Art classes’ pieces were hung in the hallway so that students and parents could walk through like a gallery. The works were mixed media collages of the students’ favorite/spirit animals.

The Media Arts students presented the websites they created that compiled many projects they had worked on over the quarter, using their newfound photoshop editing skills.

At 6:30, the music students put on a show for the audience, playing a variety of songs on their ukuleles, accompanied by Mr. Gaskins on drums and piano. During this musical performance, there were also three solos. The applause was huge after this segment of the show.

Lastly, Ms. Borja’s theater class performed a hilarious show titled “The Hysterical History of Troy” by Wade Bradford. The acting was very polished, especially for the short amount of time the class had to put this play together, and both the students and audience had a blast during the show.

At Imagine, we have great Fine Arts electives, where students can find new things they love doing or learn more about arts they are already interested in. The 6th graders work hard each quarter to put together a show that everyone will enjoy, and they’ve certainly delivered. We are looking forward to next quarter’s show.

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