An Electronic Addiction

Written By: Paula Romero
6th Grade
January 21, 2019

At least 88 percent of the world has a phone, laptop or an iPad and are on it actively. But did you know that spending too much time on your electronics can cause a harmful addiction?

Due to the increased accessibility of electronics, the addiction towards these gadgets has increased uncontrollably. Although playing on electronics or using social media may be fun and exciting, everything comes with consequences.

The mental consequences are particularly dangerous. In certain games, for example, the concept of having multiple “lives” may affect the way people make decisions, causing them to think that they will always have another chance. This can cause a disconnection with real life.

Additionally, the overuse of electronics can have physical consequences. It can ruin your sleep pattern because of the continuous repetition and the lack of self control once the game has started. This disturbance can lead to nightmares, insomnia, or sleep apnea.

As bad as addiction may seem, there is a solution. Electronic addiction can be reduced over time. If there is an app or website that seems to be the cause of your addiction, then stopping it may be the solution. Some people consider using apps to help them limit their screen time. Another option is to get involved in outdoor activities or form more person-to-person relationships.

Overall, we have seen the consequences of the overuse of electronics and we know how to stop it. If you suffer from electronic addiction, try out these solutions — you’ll be able to control your time, and stay healthy.

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