What Imagine Has to Say About Schedule Changes

Written By: Sahithi Alla and Triveni Khatri
Photography By: Sahithi Alla and Triveni Khatri
9th Grade
January 20, 2019

Recently, many of our upper school students were greeted with new schedules after coming back from their winter holidays. This caused a lot of uprise between peers, in both positive and negative ways. Here are some of the opinions of our fellow upper school students.

Malika Mack, Grade 9: “Honestly, I don’t like them, because just as I was getting used to everything, my entire schedule changed. And adjusting with new classmates and different class times can be hard especially with the EOCs and STAAR on the way”.

Myah Beauvoir-Reategui, Grade 8: “ I hate my new schedule. Everything is changed, but now, I at least  have a couple more classes with my friends.”

Sadie Puckett, Grade 9: “I have three non-core classes in one day and my 4 core classes on the other day which is really hard to keep up with”.  

Thomas Young, Grade 9: “They are good for some people. Personally it kind of sucks. It could be better, but it’s not bad.”

Anusha Malla, Grade 9: “It’s good and bad. You get some variety, but also have to figure out a whole new schedule half way through the school year.”

Even teachers have their own opinions on these different schedules. Mr. Halstead, an upper school math teacher, now has to teach physics — a new subject for him this semester — because of how the schedules were being adjusted.

“It doesn’t matter if I like the schedule changes or not,” he said, “because I need to teach physics, which is why the schedules are somewhat different. I do like it because all of the geometry classes are in one day and the physics classes on the other day, which is easier for me to teach.”

With new schedules, the start to the 2nd semester has officially began. Just remember: change is inevitable, but growth is optional.

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