A Wonderful Winter Formal

Written By: Hannah Rashid
Photography By: Sophie Muzondo
8th Grade, 6th Grade

February 3, 2019

On January 19, 2019 many 6th through 8th grade students attended the Winter Formal. At the Winter Formal students enjoyed music, danced, talked, and took pictures with their friends. This year’s Winter Formal was spy themed. The multi-purpose room was filled with decorative items and many related to the spy theme. There was also a decorative spy themed photo booth where students could take pictures with their friends.

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Laura Carrico, a 7th grade student, attended the Winter Formal and said, “I enjoyed the dance and the best part was getting to hang out with my friends and take pictures.” Laura also said that next year’s Winter Formal she would like to have more up to date music, have a theme that was more known, and improve on the decorations. Keemya Razmgir, an 8th grade student, said, “I loved the dance and enjoyed spending time with my friends.” Laura Northcutt, an 8th grade student, said that for the most part she enjoyed the dance and liked the people she went with. Laura also said, “At next year’s Winter Formal there could be a better theme and better music.”

The MYP students had an amazing time at their Winter formal and are very excited to attend the 2020 Winter Formal!

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