Scrunchie Revival

Written By: Sydney Brown and Tiffany Ngari
Photography By: Tiffany Ngari
9th Grade

February 3, 2019

Nineties fashion is back and it brought scrunchies with it! Everywhere you look you’ll find scrunchies; patterned, silky, velvet, and in hair and on wrists. But where did scrunchies even come from? And why are they coming back now?

Rommy Revson was tired of damaging her hair with metal and plastic hair ties. Inspired by her comfortable pajama pants, Revson sewed fabric around the elastic, thus creating the hair revelation. In 1987, she patented her creation, calling it the “scunci.” The name “scunci” was hard to say, so the consumer changed it to “scrunchie,” what we call it today.

Throughout the 80s and 90s, scrunchies were the absolute trend, worn by celebrities, models, favorite TV characters, and movies. However, as time went by, scrunchies began to seem childish and unprofessional, and even tacky.

In 2011, David Riley gave a lecture on the history of the scrunchie, in which he identified the problem. “Here is the scrunchie dilemma: that something so practical, so useful, and in so many ways so adult, has come to be associated with immaturity and lack of sophistication. There is an unfortunate disconnect between what it is and what it represents.” In other words, the scrunchie isn’t “sophisticated” because of its ties to 80s teen girl culture, and reminds its former wearers (who are now in their 20s and 30s) of an awkward time period.

However, scrunchies are being worn by the teens of today who weren’t around for its reign on top the first time, and are just now discovering its benefits. “I have curly hair, so I like scrunchies because they hold my hair better and don’t break off my hair,” says Victoria Beauvoir-Reategui.
“They’re also fashionable and look good on your wrist,” says Alison Henrichs.

Scrunchies, the latest asset to our world’s continuous and evolving trends. These sophisticated accessories seem to be making people very happy. How about you?

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