What is the FitnessGram?

Written By: Amy Ternida
6th Grade
February 2, 2019

The FitnessGram, an annual fitness test that assesses students from grades 3-8 on their athletic ability, is right around the corner. The FitnessGram measures the health, stamina, strength, and overall fitness of the students. Students in P.E. classes have begun training for this fitness exam by practicing performing push-ups and curl-ups using a cadence. This cadence helps keep students in rhythm, allowing them to follow along with the speaker’s voice.

The FitnessGram consists of multiple parts, including the Curl-Up test, the Push-Up test, and the Pacer test. Each of the tests measures the athletic abilities and capabilities of the student with a healthy scoring range for each age span. Each range is quite extensive and leaves much room for improvement and for setting goals.

Students will continue to train and will see a lot of improvement as they prepare for the FitnessGram. With the FitnessGram, students are able to set goals and watch as they grow and improve. It encourages students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to push themselves beyond their current fitness level.

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