Y&G State Conference 2019

Written By: Sahithi Alla and Triveni Khatri
9th Grade
February 2, 2019

This weekend, a handful of Imagine’s brightest high schoolers visited Austin to compete and debate in the 2019 State Conference for Youth and Government, and like every other conference, this one was a great success. At this conference, three different branches of Youth and Government from Imagine went, including Judicial, Legislative, and State Affairs. All of them had plenty of students selected to go! Many kids accomplished much — freshmans and seniors alike — getting bills signed, and being distinguished delegates and outstanding speakers.


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A freshman, Jaspreet Kaur, had one of the best achievements: she got her bill signed by the governor in Hyde House Senate, with an overwhelming majority, and won distinguished delegate! First, her bill passed in the Hyde House, where Ty Guerra, a 10th grader at Imagine, sponsored it and helped get it signed. This was a huge accomplishment for Jaspreet and our school. Debating and conferencing are really bettering the world, and Imagine is proud to say we are a part of it!

In State Affairs, many groups made it to second committee, where the debates intensified, and more delegates participated in a room. One group that made it to second committee included 10th graders Jesse Elliot, Shyla Sinha, and Rebekah Tomaszewski. Their proposal was about eradicating food deserts in Texas, and they had amazing evaluation scores in their committees!

Aimon Ibssa, another freshman from the Legislative section, won “Distinguished Delegate” this year, which meant he debated often and had amazing arguments and and statements. Arjun Dodanari also had his billed signed by the governor, with the help of some amazing lobbyists, including Taha Naghshineh, a senior who won “Distinguished Lobbyist.” Along with the Legislative section, the State Affairs forum and the Judicial branch held eventful sessions debating proposals and cases.

In conclusion, the state conference was really enjoyable and engaging. Several students from school received an unforgettable experience and comprehended new information that will help them for the rest of their lives. Be sure to check out Youth and Government next year for your own experiences.

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