10th Grade Personal Projects

Written By: Triveni Khatri and Sahithi Alla
9th Grade
February 14, 2019

It is that time of the year when you hear the complaints and cries of stress, along with excitement, in the hallways as the 10th graders all hustle to make their final touches on their personal projects.

Personal project is an IB required project that mandates students to meet several different criteria and most definitely challenges individuals to their maximum capabilities.

Last Wednesday, on February 6th, our 10th graders had exhibitions for their very time consuming, but extraordinary, personal projects. The students in other grades had an opportunity to see all these wonderful projects during the last 30 minutes of school, and they were displayed once more at 6:00 — the same night for all parents and visitors.

When asked about advice and how personal project went for the 10th graders, some of the responses we got included, “Don’t procrastinate, it is the worst thing to do with a project like this. As long as you don’t procrastinate it can’t be that stressful,” and “Make sure to build your project around something that you are truly passionate about, as you will be putting a lot of time in it.”

Another student, Ojasvi Mehra, had a lot of insight on the projects. She stated, “Personally, I don’t think it is as difficult as other people say it is. Time management is obviously very crucial and it would help if you decide on a project idea earlier on the year so you have a lot of time to go through all of it with less stress upon you.” Along with the usual advice there were also some complaints about how the project was used as their design summative as well; so far, the grades haven’t been that great.

However, looking on the bright side, the boards and displays of the 10th graders were extraordinary and very eye catching. Personal project, an unforgettable experience. Kudos to the class of 2021 for this amazing experience, and if you didn’t see the projects this year, be sure to go check them out the upcoming year!

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