To the person who stole my pens…

Written By: Sydney Brown
9th Grade
February 16, 2019

To the person who stole my pens…
Have you ever had an object that you used all the time? And when you used it, it made everything better? Not only did that object get the job done, it also did it with grace and in a beautiful manner. And then, unexpectedly, that object was stolen! You left the object alone for one measly weekend, thinking nothing of it, and then BAM! It was gone.

That is what happened to me. Last weekend, my PaperMate InkJoy gel pens were stolen. It’s ok. There are no hard feelings or anything. Instead of getting angry and demanding that you return my pens or pressing charges, I will instead give you some tips on how to get the most out of the pens.

First, they have a few kinks. The wild berry and teal zeal pens don’t work as well as the rest. I accidentally left them open so they got a little dried out. Also, I’m pretty sure the red one wasn’t in my pencil case so you’ll be missing that and the black one as well.

Other than that, there’s are just a few more things regarding my precious pens: Treat them like your own. They’re yours now, so treat them like you’ve loved them your whole life. I promise they’ll make you happy as they gracefully glide across the paper.

These pens can be used for good only. They will be used to create art, calligraphy take gorgeous notes, NOT to write gossip about people or for any malicious intent. Sharing is caring. If someone asks to borrow them, please say yes. Allow them to use these creators of beauty to add more joy to the world.

They will make your handwriting look beautiful. Enjoy!

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