The Sun is Also a Star

Written By: Olivia Olatunji and Nadia Davis
9th Grade
February 27, 2019

The Sun is Also a Star is a young adult romance novel written by Nicola Yoon. She is also the #1 New York Times bestselling author who also wrote EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, another young adult contemporary novel. Natasha Kingsley, the main character of The Sun is Also a Star, is a Jamaican teen who is being deported in 24 hours. Daniel Bae, a Korean-American stumbles upon Natasha, which seems to be love at first sight. Daniel feels a connection between them, as if they were meant to be. Things change when Natasha tells Daniel she doesn’t believe in fate. She believes in things that can be proven by science and facts.

Daniel has one day to prove her wrong. He takes Natasha on an adventure of a lifetime in the city of New York — all to show her that fate is a real thing, while she has to face the horrible reality that she might have to leave behind the one place she calls home. Will they fall in love? Or will things take a turn for the worst?

On May 17, 2019, The Sun is Also a Star is coming to a theater near you! Watch this novel unfold into a movie! Before the movie comes out, read the novel to check out similarities and differences from the book to the movie.

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