Ideas for a Savory Spring Lunch

Written by: Amy Ternida
6th Grade
April 3, 2019

With a new season upon us, it’s time to find new ideas for lunch. Here is a list of possible lunches that can be easily made under 10 minutes!

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich. This isn’t your classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich- instead of the often overused jelly, this sandwich is drizzled with raw honey. Honey is healthier than sugar but still provides the satisfying sweetness found in most sugary foods. The added banana will allow you to consume more fruit and is still delicious! To make, spread peanut butter (or any nut free alternative) over two pieces of bread. Next, pour a small amount of honey onto the peanut butter. Gently drizzle until honey is evenly spread over both pieces of bread. Then, place a banana on one piece of bread. Lay the other piece on top and enjoy!

Tuna Hummus. Tuna hummus is a satisfying meal that can provide your daily fish intake. It has just the right amount of savory flavor and is complemented with a hint of lemon. To make, blend together two cans of tuna fish, one can of garbanzo beans, two tablespoons of tahini lemon sauce, one and a half tablespoons of lemon juice, and one tablespoon of olive oil. Blend until creamy. Then, sprinkle pepper and oregano to taste.

Brunch Burrito.This burrito can easily be made the night before or the morning of. To make, heat up one flour or corn tortilla. Scramble one egg and place on top of tortilla. Next, place beans and chicken over the egg and tortilla. Fold the tortilla and enjoy!

These lunches are easy to prepare and easy to enjoy!

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