IIANT JV Girls Soccer

Written by: Nadia Davis and Olivia Olatunji
9th Grade
March 31, 2019

This 2018-2019 Imagine Girls soccer team finished the season in 3rd place! The season was fun, heart-racing, and a bonding experience for whole team. In the league they played in, there were many tough competitors but Imagine was able to endure. Though they had a couple of losses they overpowered it with wins. Though the Imagine girls JV team didn’t make it to the TCSAAL charter school soccer tournament, they learned lessons throughout the season.

Catherine Shepard, a defender throughout the season, said, “This was my first time playing soccer since second grade and my experience was fantastic! Everyone was welcoming and I learned the basic rules and skills of soccer, even though we didn’t advance to the playoffs, I still had so much fun. I would 100% play again next year”.

Marissa Hallett, the teams strong midfielder, said “this soccer season was a good year, we grew closer and stronger as a team and even when we lost a game we would still celebrate together. We all worked hard to improve and we played great on the field. We lost 4 games but we learned from those loses to improve and win 4 more. I personally loved playing on the soccer team and it helped me improve with my speed, especially since I was a midfielder/defensive player, I would definitely play again next year and encourage others to join.”

Also, playing on this team as a forward, I believe that we played great together and built a great bond. We definitely benefited greatly with our new team members. Joining this team creates opportunities to become more active, make new friends, and make new memories. I highly encourage anyone thinking about joining soccer to join.

Take a risk, it’s fun!

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