Summer Vacation

Written By: Olivia Olatunji and Nadia Davis
9th Grade

April 12, 2019

Summer, the warmest time in the year. Waking up without the sound of an alarm, getting dressed for the pool, the hot summer sun beaming down on a warm day. The embracing sound of the ice cream truck jingle. Friends and family gather at the poolside to enjoy delicious drinks and delicious food. Everyone taking their turns jumping and splashing in the pool. Enjoying cold treats and memories with the people you love most. The relief of not having to worry about an upcoming assignment. Waking up early is no longer an essential. You can finally relax and not have a care in the world. Going home to the comfort of your own room just to think about all the fun things that happened that day. Hoping that this summer will be greatest yet.

Just putting yourself in the “summer mindset” can bring a good mood. Summer is such a special time for families and friends to bond and get closer with activities and holidays, such as The Fourth of July. What are your favorite aspects of summer? Hanging out with friends? Family vacations? Resting? Camping?  There are so many activities and places to go that make summer one of the best times in the year. So many precious memories are made in summer. There are certain activities that you cannot miss the opportunity to do in the summer, for example swimming, picnics, hiking and watching fireworks. Summer is such a relaxful time in the year! What are you going to do in the summer?

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