9th Grade Heifer Trip!

Written By: Triveni Khatri
9th Grade

April 24, 2019

This past week on Tuesday, April 16th, the 9th graders went on a trip to Heifer International, in Perryville, Arkansas. The purpose of the trip was to involve the students in Heifer’s mission to end world hunger, as well as have them experience how people survive living in poverty and hunger. All of the kids and chaperones enjoyed the experience and had lots of fun throughout the whole journey!

On the first day, the kids were sent to the Heifer “Hilton”, an open air cabin with multiple bunk beds, showers and bathrooms. Everyone spent this day enjoying the nature and settling in to the new place. The second day, everyone was up bright and early for breakfast and team building activities. There were lots of fun games and tasks that would help with communication and collaboration skills for the next two days. Later on, the kids and chaperones were taken on a tour of the area and found out where they were to sleep that night. The second night was full of entertainment and struggles. The students had to bargain for food, negotiate, steal resources from other students, protect their “baby”, but most importantly, have fun!

The class of 2022’s Heifer trip was an experience that the students only went through once, but will remember for a lifetime!+

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