Written By: Sydney Brown and Tiffany Ngari
9th Grade

April 24, 2019

Fresh out of filming Season 1 of the Emmy-nominated hit TV show Black-ish, Marsai Martin (shout out to Dallas) pitched her movie proposal to the show’s director Kenya Barris when she was only ten years old. Inspired by Big (1988), Little is typical body switch movie with contemporary twists like starring black females as tech executives who invent smart home systems named HomeGirl.

Little tells the story of Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall/Marsai Martin), the boss of her own tech company. At the beginning of the movie, we learn Jordan was the odd girl out and often bullied in middle school, so she vowed not to let anyone push her around once she got older. As an adult, she is rude, snobby, insulting, especially to her aide April (Issa Rae), who definitely wouldn’t win boss of the year. A young girl witnesses Sanders’ impolite antics and uses far-fetched magic to “wish” her little. The rest of Little is filled with some awkward moments, but mostly laugh-out-loud scenes as we watch adult Jordan struggle to adjust to life trapped in her 13-year old body.

Little’s plot is pretty basic and somewhat boring. After being transformed into a teenager, Sanders learns to be more courteous to others, makes some high school friends, and is no longer her evil self. Pretty predictable. Also, the movie has some uncomfortable moments. One scene shows “little” Jordan and April hitting on an handsome male teacher. Another contains an unnecessarily insensitive homophobic joke. Jordan’s boyfriend makes several appearances throughout the movie where he does inappropriate dances.

That aside, Little was saved by an amazing cast, who working together, were the epitome of black girl magic and totally make up for the bland story. Every single one of them portrayed their characters amazingly (and had impeccable fashion choices). In my opinion, Issa Rae was the true star of the show. Her facial expressions, one liners, and stage presence made for a marvelous show. Overall, Little was a great movie that I enjoyed watching and I would certainly recommend seeing it at the theaters.

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