Spring and What it Brings

Written By: Sahithi Alla
9th Grade

April 24, 2019

As the months of school continue to pass, spring has finally arrived. However, spring doesn’t just bring flowers and rains, but brings on several new responsibilities, tasks, and even some cleaning!

In the perspective of school, spring means final grades, STAAR tests, a closer end to school, along with several bonding activities. With grades being due right around the corner ,spring can bring a lot of pressure to students at Imagine and all over the nation. Nonetheless, our school holds tons of events during the spring season such as field day, field trips,cultural festivals and service projects helping boost school spirit and add some simple joy into the heavy workload.

Additionally, people often use the nice weather in spring to their advantage and perform their yearly spring cleaning. The lawn is being mowed again, flower beds are blossoming, and stuff is being thrown out. Along with the spring cleaning there is always a unknown joy spread in the springtime. Holidays such as Easter, the sun shining, and the upcoming summer are all reasons for this happiness. Remember there is always a reason for every season. Don’t forget to have a wonderful spring and make the best of it. Below are some tips for spring cleaning and activities:


  • Spread your cleaning out over a week to make it fun and less stressful.
  • Clean from the top floor and down, to prevent trash from upstairs messing up downstairs.
  • Create a checklist, so no task is forgotten and you cover everything you want.
  • Vacuum backwards out of the room and vacuum the floors to save time.
  • Clean with joy, adding some music to help!


  • Family gardening project
  • New house paints
  • Outdoor Scavenger hunt
  • Arts and Craft

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