The Night Diary

Written By: Amy Ternida
6th Grade

April 28, 2019

Love. Separation. Change. The Night Diary, written by Veera Hiranandani, faces these topics by viewing the India-Pakistan partition through the eyes and mind of a child. The main character, Nisha, is forced to leave the only home she’s ever known to go to a new country, a new “free” home. Throughout her journey, she has new experiences that change how she viewed the world and shifts her perspective. When she is able to see what she is going through with a new set of eyes, she becomes kinder, more grateful for the simple joys in life- family, friends, food, and freedom.

The Night Diary is a compelling story filled with heartbreak, hope, and new beginnings. As Nisha, a 12 year old girl, goes through her incredible journey, she starts to find out what love really is. She begins to form a new understanding of what love is as her situation forces her to take sides, break connections, and to hate or to love. She soon realizes that the world’s perception of love is so different from her own. She challenges what she sees around her through her diary, where she writes down the thoughts that she can’t say out loud. As she witnesses death, she finds life. She finds dreams. She finds love in the unlikeliest of places- the ashes of a place once called home.

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