Written By: Olivia Olatunji and Nadia Davis
9th Grade

May 12, 2019

Saying goodbye can be hard for some. As this year comes to an end our current seniors will be off the college soon. Living their own lives and making changes in the world. There will soon be a new batch of seniors as well as students moving into the DP program, soon current seniors will be nothing but a memory. The seniors have worked hard to get to where they are now. They accomplished many things throughout the course of this year, when they situations got tough they just kept pushing through. The seniors at Imagine International Academy of North Texas have officially made it in their careers. On graduation day the seniors will reminisce memories and some receiving an IB diploma. Finally being recognized got all their hard work. All the sleepless nights, staying up to work on projects, participating in family days, having their own ditch day and other fun activities. Looking back the seniors will remember the friendships and bonds they have built along the way. While being in the DP program who has supported them through their journey. And how much they have accomplished this year. They have set an extraordinary example for the next group of seniors. Complete with high expectations for the current 11th graders. For that they will be missed very much. But let this not be a goodbye. Let this be a see you later and enjoy the next four years of whatever you aspire to be in life. Have fun and don’t stress the small things.

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