Make Kindness Viral

Written By: Amy Ternida
6th Grade

May 12, 2019

Mrs. Maldonado, the 6th grade ELAR teacher, is spreading kindness throughout our school using kindness cards, small cards with an act of kindness written on them, encouraging you to perform the act and give the card to someone else so they can help make kindness viral. Her sixth grade students created the cards and are currently being passed around not only in the sixth grade but the rest of the school too.

She was inspired by Orly Wahba who started the Kindness Boomerang project. Mrs. Maldonado showed her classes Wahba’s TED Talk where she spoke about wanting to “make kindness viral”. Wahba started by creating kindness cards like the ones Mrs. Maldonado created and then she passed them around to others, not only her school she taught at but to her community. Wahba also created a short film called Kindness Boomerang, detailing how one small act of kindness can create a whole chain of warmth and good deeds around one small section of people.

If you receive a kindness card, be sure to carry out the act of kindness, then pass it on to the next person. Be a part of the movement to make kindness viral in our school community!

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