Family Day

Written By: Amy Ternida (7)
Edited By: Twila Ternida (12)

October 7, 2019

On September 25, we had our first Family Day of the year. Each Family Day, we gather together in our family groups to celebrate and learn about a different topic. This quarter’s topic was Homecoming and acceptance of diversity. 

We were divided into groups to create posters that showed the importance of inviting others and welcoming everyone in. The posters had messages like “Homecoming 2019- Everyone is Welcome” and “Enjoy HOCO!”. After making these, all the family groups went outside to participate in a parade, displaying their posters while getting the chance to greet friends. The juniors and seniors also decorated their cars, and the whole school had a chance to vote on their favorite car.

As always, I think this Family Day gave us all a valuable opportunity to see our family groups again- we were able to catch up and have fun while learning the important values of tolerance and hospitality. I cannot wait for the next Family Day!

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