Written By: Sydney Brown (10)
Edited By: Mabrey Matz (11)

October 6, 2019

Throughout the last week of September, Imagine celebrated an annual school-wide event- Homecoming. For Imagine, it’s a time full of alumni visits, sports events, the Family Day parade, themed dress days, and of course, the homecoming dance, a celebratory evening that concluded the week.

Each day of homecoming week, students had the opportunity to change up their attire and dress according to specific theme days. These theme days included Sweatshirt Day, Twin Day, International Day, Decades Day, and Red-Out Day. During homecoming week, students appreciated having themed dress days, as they provided a way for them to express themselves by dressing in attire other than their uniforms. Along with themed dress days, several homecoming events took place throughout the week.

For example, on Wednesday, Imagine held its traditional Family Day homecoming parade. Decked out in cultural apparel and spirit wear, each family group decorated posters to use in the parade. After poster decorating, each group walked around the field with their posters, and were cheered on by other family groups. After the parade, students gathered around the MYP field to cheer on Imagine’s athletes as they led an energetic, school-wide chant. 

In addition to Wednesday’s Family Day parade, Imagine also hosted its traditional homecoming volleyball game on Friday, followed by an outdoor tailgate party. As usual, the Lady Dragons dominated, with Varsity winning 3-0 and JV winning 2-0 against IL Texas Garland. Afterwards, students were encouraged to attend the tailgate party outside, which featured food trucks, music, student-sponsored athletic activities, games, and even an inflatable obstacle course.

Finally, the week was concluded by a successful Hollywood-themed dance, organized by Imagine’s Homecoming Committee. On Saturday, students in grades 6-12 were invited to attend the dance as DJ Dame rocked the MPR inside and the courtyard became a relaxing space full of fairy lights and popcorn.

Photo courtesy of Sydney Brown

At the end of the week, some Imagine students were asked what homecoming meant to them, and from the responses, it was clear that the majority felt it was “A time when students can feel closer to themselves and the school” and “A time to represent school spirit with as much pride as they can”. Overall, Imagine’s homecoming is a long-standing tradition that allows students to have fun, express themselves, and represent their school with pride year after year.

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