Quarter One Done. Is it Time for Fun?

Written By: Sahithi Alla (10) and Triveni Khatri (10)
Edited By: Bernadette Montefalcon (12)

October 3, 2019

Students and teachers have been waiting for their first vacation of the year and now with fall break right around the corner, the hassle for final grades, dress choices, and last minute packing is greater than ever. However, fall break isn’t quite thrilling for everyone. With a period of rest comes the need to be proactive. Many of our upper school students will be spending their fall break studying for the PSAT, doing personal project, and practicing the much-needed skills to boost grades for their next quarter. 

Despite all the stress, some students have still been enjoying themselves with homecoming week, free dress day, Family Day, and friends. Hear from our own Imagine Dragons and Imagine staff about their quarter one experience and upcoming fall break plans. 

Tiffany Ngari, Grade 10 says “My family and I plan on going to Hawaii over the break, so I am super excited for that. As far as quarter one it was kind of overwhelming but ended alright.” 

Simrit Rawan, Grade 7, says, “Quarter 1 was pretty challenging, but learnt from my mistakes and hope to do even better in quarter 2.” 

Meghana Kothamasu, Grade 8 says, “ I will read books and spend more time with my family over fall break. Quarter one was definitely a challenge but it was a good challenge and I learned quite a lot. I improved a lot of skills from 7th to 8th too.” 

Vishesh Khatri, Grade 6 says “I might be going to Oklahoma for a few days over the break. Quarter 1 was a bit difficult for me because it was my first time ever in MYP, and the assignments were challenging. 

So tell us now, how will you be spending your 2019-2020 fall break?

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