Climate Change

Written By: Nadia Davis (10) and Saniya Davis (6)
Edited By: Olivia Olatunji (10)

October 23, 2019

Climate change is the irregular changes of Earth’s weather and has long term effects. Climate change has become a serious problem in our society. Global warming, ozone pollution, fossil fuels, and many other environmental issues are affecting our world today. There have been many organizations to aid in preventing any more damage to our Earth due to climate change. 

Organizations such as Greenpeace USA, imatter, The climate reality project, and next-gen America take action by doing peaceful protests and campaigns. This is to raise awareness of the destruction climate change is bringing. They organize fundraisers and other non-profits events in their communities.They do this to inform citizens about the detrimental effects that climate change can cause on the community. There are other ways to prevent climate change without attending protest. 

Here are a few easy tips that you can do at home to help stop climate change. You can take shorter showers and recycle. Also instead of using the plastic bag grocery stores provide bring a tote bag and have them put the paid items in there. Don’t waste the food you eat because it will fill up the landfills. When you leave the house make sure all the lights off  and plugs are pulled out the wall. A few people don’t know this but when you keep changers and lamps plugged in the wall but they aren’t in use it’s still using electricity to run. 

Overall, climate change is a large problem in our environment. There are many organizations that help us prevent any more harm to the Earth due to climate change. They do this by protests and campaigns. There are ways to prevent any more injuries to Earth like taking shorter showers. Even the smallest of help can change this threatening issue. 

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