A Blazing Anger Arising from the 8th Grade

Written By: Gracie Love (8)
Edited By: Serena Mian (11)

October 29, 2019

The week before fall break, 8th grade students were informed by their teachers that the dress code policy would be altered to require students to wear plaid blazers with their uniforms. As the news spread throughout the grade, many students began to voice their opinions on the matter.

One class, outraged by the news, wrote a list of grievances which modeled the Declaration of Independence. They complained about the look and cost of the said outerwear. By the end of the week, almost every student had signed the petition.

On Friday afternoon, Mrs.Upton entered the class with the signed list of grievances and began to argue with the students there. At the end of the argument it was revealed that the whole policy update was a prank intended to teach students about the anger felt by the 13 colonies before the Revolutionary War. Many students were angry about being pranked, but in my opinion, I think it was a good idea as it gave perspective to the outrage colonists really felt.

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