HOSA Blood Drive

Written By: Sahithi Alla (10) and Triveni Khatri (10)
October 30, 2019

Last week on October 23rd, HOSA, also known as, Health Occupations Students of America, hosted their annual Blood Drive, partnered with the Carter Blood Foundation. Every year, students of HOSA encourages the members of the Imagine and Mckinney community to make a positive impact on the community and save three lives by donating their blood to the foundation. 

This year, HOSA and the Carter foundation were successfully able to collect blood from over 30 people, which is a number higher than they have ever received donations from. Participants included IIA-NT teachers, students, and parents, who happily provided the organization with their blood! The blood drive ran from ten in the morning all the way until 4 in the afternoon. Among all the previous years, this was the first year that the donation beds were filled back to back with more and more people are inspired to make an effective change and provide a better life to those who needed it. This good deed also came with a special gift of a free blood donation T-shirt, sponsored by the Carter Foundation. 

Some requisites to donate the blood included to have a good iron level, eat before donation, not have taken aspirin for at least 48 before donation, have been present in the U.S for at least a year and more than 3 if an immigrant, and lastly, to not have any major health issues. The minimum age to donate blood was 16 years of age. However, since this is the age of a minor, all adolescents must have had a parental authorization form. 

Overall, this was one of the most successful blood drives that the members of HOSA have hosted yet, and next year, the students are ready to exceed their numbers from this year. A big thanks to all those who donated and volunteered. Who knows, maybe next year you could be the one to save three lives!

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