Thanksgiving Fun

Written By: Gracie Love (8)
Edited By: Serena Mian (11)

November 11, 2019

As Thanksgiving break quickly approaches, many students are left clueless as to what to spend their extra free time doing. There are many activities to be done in the DFW area that many students are unaware of. If you are looking for fun ideas to do with friends, family, or even alone, then listed below are some anyone would enjoy:

  1. Home for the Holidays – Home for the Holidays is a fun event located in downtown McKinney offering winter themed activities for everyone. With everything from delicious snacks to a fairwheel, the weekend event is sure to have something everyone can enjoy.
  2. The 12 Day of Christmas at the Dallas Arboretum- If you are looking for a place to take beautiful photos or enjoy the scenery of Dallas, then the Arboretum is the perfect destination for you. Not limited to Christmas themed spaces, they also have eye catching flower gardens as well as a lake view. This is a perfect place for someone who enjoys a more tranquil break filled with nature.
  3. The Annual Great Turkey Skate- Located at the Allen Ice Rink on November 24, the skating event offers a fun, family friendly activity. Filled with games and open skate, it is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving or to just have some fun. If you bring a canned good, admission is free!

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