Projects of Personal Passion

Written By: Sahithi Alla and Triveni Khatri (10)
Edited By: Bernadette Montefalcon (12)

November 25, 2019

As holiday season comes around, so do personal project exhibitions and report writing. So what exactly is personal project? As many schools define it, the personal project is a culminating Middle Years Programme (MYP) project to develop the student’s personal interest and to show and apply the skills, which are developed through the MYP’s Approaches to Learning. This project is based on the student’s interests and talents, resulting in a product or outcome.  This year Imagines’ sophomores have been working on an array of projects including research projects, events, and projects within areas of personal interest. Here are some of the projects, progress, and promotions by our 10th graders. 

Sydney Brown: My project is a photo essay focusing on natural hair. I will be visiting people, professionals, and friends and observing what can be done with natural hair. So far my progress has been alright. I have just started my process journal and plan on going to a salon to get some pictures on 11/26. My only advice is to not procrastinate, because that never ends well. Lastly, if anyone would like to be featured or photographed let me know!

James Thompson: My project is writing a black history curriculum for a set of workshops at varying levels of high schoolers. As far as progress, I haven’t started much, but I do have an outline planned. My overall goal is to just get the project done.

Thomas Young: My project is making 100 hats for the homeless and cancer patients in the community. I have done some research so far but not necessarily a lot of planning. Currently, I have 30 hats and my deadline is to have all the hats my mid January. I have contacted several people including administration, St.Judes, and passing hat, so things are going well. To help with this project any social media publicity and advertising would be great. Additionally, any financial donations for yarn to keep making hats would also be great.

Olivia Olatunji: For my project I am organizing a soccer event and 100% of the proceeds go the Peace Passers, a nonprofit organization that provides kids with soccer equipment all over the world. My event is taking place in 5 days so I think I have made a lot of progress. However, to help I still need a ton of players,- and I think I need to advertise a bit more. 

Sahithi Alla: For my project, I am hosting a first aid workshop for children aged 10 to 16 in partnership with the McKinney Fire Station to provide the community with more healthcare knowledge and emergency awareness. I believe that is very important to know how to act in an emergency situation and knowledge could simply be what saves someone’s life. So far I have made a lot of progress which includes booking the room, getting a firefighter as a keynote speaker, and planning the curriculum. It would be a huge help if you could advertise this workshop to anyone you know or attend yourself if you meet the age gap. A flyer is attached for more information. 

Jaspreet Kaur: My project is to create a YouTube channel about conspiracy theories and mysteries. It is going pretty good and I have many video ideas! My first video comes out soon so if you interested please subscribe. Everything is PG.

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